The Prophetic Life

In the summer of 2003, I saw my first significant prophetic vision from the Lord. It was a Sunday morning in July and I arose early to get ready for praise and worship team practice. Nothing was out of the ordinary that morning. I felt very tired and groggy and to be honest I was stuck in a spiritual rut. I was not excited and not feeling very spiritual. It was drudgery to get up go through the motions yet again. I was getting ready to start my shower, when I started seeing an extremely vivid mental picture of my church. The setting of the vision was at night and it was very dark outside. The only light came from the stage lights at the front of the church.
I had never seen anything in such clear and distinct colors with my own thoughts. It was like looking at a large movie screen in high definition color. I knew it was a vision from the Lord as soon as it started. The mental pictures began to move like a movie. Another way I knew I was watching a vision as opposed to my own thoughts was that I had to wait to find out what happened next. I had no idea what was coming next. I would describe the vision as suspenseful.
I saw the chairs were all gone. In the center of the sanctuary, I saw six dark robed figures with hoods standing in a circle. In the vision, I was taken around the circle of the dark figures until finally I could see in between them. To my horror, I saw my pastor and his wife lying on the floor unconscious and in the center of these dark robed figures. They looked as if they had been beaten and were bleeding from their mouths. When I saw them on the floor in this condition, there came out of me a wail from deep within my spirit. I was so overtaken by what I saw that I impulsively covered my mouth and started to lose my balance. I honestly came close to falling out of my shower due to the shock of what I saw. To understand why I was so affected by this horrible sight, you must know that this man and his wife were like a second mom and dad to me. They had taken my wife and I under their wings when we were just newlyweds. We were very young and we had just moved away from our parents.
I grabbed the shower curtain to keep from falling. I composed myself and stood straight up to tune in so that I could receive from the Lord. I began to see myself enter the side door of the sanctuary. I took up a shofar trumpet and began to release a sound. As I sounded the trumpet, I saw bright white light shoot out of both ends of the shofar. It was as if the characteristic sound of the shofar trumpet created a blast of pure white light. This was the light of God. When I sounded the shofar trumpet and released a powerful blast, the dark robed figures were noticeably startled. They looked around as if they were intimidated.
Then, I saw a line of faithful members of the church coming into the side door of the sanctuary. Each faithful member took the shofar trumpet and released a powerful blast of sound and light. The dark robed figures broke their circle around my pastors. One by one, they were driven out of the sanctuary until they were all gone.
The vision transitioned into a new scene where I saw the sun rising gloriously as if it were the morning of a sunrise service. I was seeing from an aerial perspective in between my church’s sanctuary and Sunday school buildings. I saw the door and the threshold of my church. Then, the vision panned out and I saw the morning sky with beautiful red and blue colors. I heard the birds singing their joyful songs. I was drawn up high above my church and the vision panned out wide where I could see the surrounding rolling hills. I continued to rise higher into the heavens until the vision ended. It was the dawning of a new day.
The door and threshold spoke of entering a new season for the church. The aerial perspective speaks of seeing things with prophetic vision or from heaven’s perspective. During this time, I was going to the church during my lunch breaks to pray and seek the Lord. I was purposely developing my prayer life with the Lord. It was out of this place of prayer, that the Lord shared with me the hidden spiritual condition of my pastors. I had no idea of the level of wounding they had experienced. The Lord showed me His strategy to overcome the darkness that our church was walking through. The shofar trumpets spoke of releasing the prophetic word of the Lord. The release of the Word of the Lord would drive out the darkness and bring the dawning of a new day and a new season for our church.
I kept the vision secret as I did not feel released to tell anyone about it. I only prayed over it and waited on the Lord. About eighteen months later, the Lord told me it was time for me to share the vision with the church. The church had a Yemenite shofar and I held it up when I shared the vision. I led various members of the church to blow the shofar as a prophetic act in obedience to the vision the Lord had given me. Truly, the church experienced a new day when this vision was released.
This is the prophetic lifestyle. The Lord is inviting you to a deeper walk with Him. Respond to His voice today.